Things to (maybe) have in my home

  • A clothes drying frame or lines up on the ceiling above log burner and laundry,
  • A dryer vent box so that it can go against the wall (if I ever have one),
  • A sauna,
  • A big, double sink,
  • Showerdome,
  • Log burner with a cooktop,
  • Log burner with an air intake from the outside,
  • A vent above the stovetop,
  • Water recycling from shower to toilet,
  • Handwashing basin above the toilet cistern,
  • Rainwater barrels underneath downpipes,
  • A place to wash the dog close to outside door / entryway,
  • A drying room with a fan that can be switched on to push hot air in from above the log burner and a vent to let moisture out,
  • A bath on the verandah,
  • Heat transfer pipes with a timer and a switchboard for fans for different rooms.

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