It is something I haven't wanted to touch on yet.

Today, in the afternoon, we are meeting our ex-landlord at a tribunal hearing. I have a thick folder full of documents and their copies, a prepared statement to read out and, mostly, a fair amount of guts.

As much as neither of us actually wants to be in court, we - me and The Man - look forward to this hearing. We will go in, tell our story, and let the rest be: whatever the ruling is, it will hopefully mark the end of this bullsh*t saga.

It feels to me like this blog has been tainted with hurt and resentment. "A story of a family and a house on a hill," the tagline reads - but we're not on a hill any more. Even more importantly, as much as there was exceptional beauty to parts of living there, I am grateful this part of my life is finally over.

Or, the way I feel it, will be over in the afternoon today. Because regardless of what the ruling is, it will be over and done with.

I have set up a new blog address. Sometime in the near future I will make the move.

Until then, just send me some grace for two o'clock in the afternoon today. It will hopefully be the last time I will ever need to deal with our ex-landlord.


  1. I'm thinking of you Maria, this whole house saga was something you really didn't need to deal with and I hope you get the resolution you are looking for. All the best, lisa xx

  2. Best wishes for a positive outcome for you guys, that you can leave that part of your life behind and that the landlord learns that nice guys finish first! Oh, and a big hug from me to you

  3. Hoian ka pöidlaid :)

  4. Replies
    1. It was REALLY awkward! The landlord was on the phone from Singapore, so at first we had to wait outside because they couldn't connect, then he was on the phone saying that he was about to run out of credit and the call cut off. Then we were sent outside again whilst they were trying to reach him... Half an hour later, the proceedings started. Why have you not lodged their bond?, the adjucator asked and the landlord said that he gave it to his "property manager" who has turned out to be fraudulent and is no longer his friend or property manager. (A property manager? Yeah, right. Have never seen one, or had anything to do with one.) Why have you not appointed an agent?, the adjucator asked the landlord and the landlord goes, "I did!" But why did you not inform your tenants then?, the adjucator asks and the landlord goes, "I informed their neighbor and he promised he would tell them!" Do you think informing neighbors qualifies as informing your tenants?, the adjucator asks and the landlord says, "Yes, because he promised!" All the while me and my husband are looking at that phone, then at each other, then at the adjucator and thinking... "You lying son of a b*tch." Because it took so long to even get started because of those phone issues then the adjucator didn't make a ruling there and then and instead, she'll post it to us by mail. So at this stage, I don't know, but whatever it is, it was so awkward to hear that guy be all "nice" and polite over the phone, and say that he wasn't aware of laws and regulations when in fact, whenever he has wanted anything from us, all he's referred to is that bloody law.


    2. Sorry, it's not "adjucator", it's "adjudicator"


    3. Ignorance of the law in this country is no excuse, hopefully the adjudicator remembers this in her ruling.

  5. jaga siis uut aadressi ka, kui kolid... tahaks ikka jutuga kaasas käia. :)