Movies and books I want to see and read

I am probably overestimating the time I will have available once The Man and The Kid are back, and schoolwork starts again, and The Man is back at work, but... There's a few movies and books I'd like to see and read. At some point.

Still Alice - a story of a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard who faces early-onset Alzheimer's and quickly loses her connection to both her family and her intellect in general. I would like to read the book, but even more than that I would like to see the movie.

Cake - a story of a woman who faces chronic pain and becomes fascinated by a suicide of another woman. And apparently - a world-class performance from Jennifer Aniston.

And last, a movie called The Hundred-Foot Journey. And all I can say about that is, Helen Mirren.


  1. Viimast filmi olen näinud, see on tõesti väga-väga hea! Loodan, et saad mahti nende jaoks!

  2. Tinker5.1.15

    Have you seen this it's really good.

    1. No, I haven't, but looking at the reviews - I think I will!