Look, another piece of bread! Oh, and cheese! And, what's that?, carrot puree!

The Dog's not stupid: she knows that because of The Girlie's undeveloped motor skills, the best place for getting food offcuts in our home is underneath The Girlie's high chair, and so she devotedly sits there, waiting for food to - almost literally - fall on the Earth from the sky for her.

Also, in case you're wondering why I have a floral bed sheet underneath my kitchen table, then it is because I am not stupid: I also know that because of The Girlie's undeveloped motor skills an awful lot of what I give her ends up on the floor instead and, you know, bed sheets are much easier to clean than carpet, and if those bed sheets come from a second hand shop at $4 apiece then I don't even care about the floral print on them.

Just sayin' ;).

Otherwise we're all good.

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  1. Anonymous15.1.15

    Väga uhke ilmega sööja ja kannatlik ootaja! Ilus pilt