We're online again!


I should probably come up with something a little more elaborate - to describe what it's been like, moving house with all the paraphernalia of us, our two kids and our dog - but... for the moment, all I can say is just, wow.

The internet has just come on. The garage is full of boxes. The kids are unsettled and, oh my God, don't even get me started on what The Dog thinks of it all =D, but the bottom line is: we're here.

A quiet, suburban street. Half the residents seem to be young families with children, the other half - retirees. There's a playground. Manicured lawns everywhere. I sit on our porch and think, wow.

It's about as much as I can think about it all, for the moment.

We're here.

PS. Holy mother of sheep! Christchurch was just hit by another moderate-ish earthquake half an hour ago, 4.0 Richter scale at 13 kilometres deep and... me and The Man just about sh*t our pants as it was happening.


Unlike up on the hill where earthquakes came as, dunk!, with the rocky base lifting at once and then maybe a little vibration to follow it all, down here it was like sitting on top of a marsh. Bluuuuuuaaaah, bluuuuuaaaaaah, bluaaaaaaah the ground was dancing and I was looking at our wooden unit rocking backwards and forwards, thinking, holy sh*t.

The thing went on for, like, forever.

Okay, so maybe it didn't go on forever - but it sure as hell felt like it! 8-9 seconds of looking at furniture moving is a bloody long time.

PPS. Bloody hell! I'm not kidding but just as I was writing this sentence here, another earthquake happened. A little one.

And yet again I was sitting here and thinking, wow, the thing feels SO different on soft ground! Kinda makes me wish I was living on some hard ground again...

But off I go. There's still more stuff to move.


  1. Congrats on the new place! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Earthquakes tend to roll more down here, you will most likely get used to it, especially once the larger bits of furniture are screwed to the walls if the landlord allows it.
    Welcome to the flat though, and hope you did manage a lovely Christmas day!