The ongoing-ness of... this.

5-something in the morning. Most mornings. If I'm lucky, 6-something.

"Noooooo... I don't want to get up yet. Go back to sleep, oh please go back to sleep!"

30 seconds.

"Nooooooooooooooo, I don't want to get up yet!"

Another 30 seconds.


5 seconds.

"Okay, FINE!!!"

And up I get for another day. Feed the little one, then the big one is up, too. Let out The Dog, feed The Dog. Dishes. Laundry. Stubbed toes that need kissing, carrot puree over the tabletop and the bib, two swings in the garden. Strawberries that rarely last long enough to turn properly red.

Come evening-time I feel like I've been in a boxing match. Not at a boxing match - in. In a boxing match.

Boxes on the living room table. Labels read: "Living room. National Geographics." "Bedroom. Sleeping bags." "Garage. Upholstery fabrics."

I land on a sofa chair to move photos from the camera onto a hard drive and struggle to get back up again. "Oh if I could just fall asleep right here... Not a biggie, I don't need much, just some time and some quiet."

Quiet - yeah, Maria, good luck with that. Quiet.


I get up on a Tuesday morning convinced it is Sunday still. What is The Man doing sitting at a kitchen table, eating breakfast already? Go back to sleep!

And then it hits me: sh*t me, Maria, it's Tuesday. There's already been one working day this week, at least three are still ahead. Maybe four.

(Can I go back to bed, please?)


Ten minutes I've been sitting writing this post and what I hear from the bedroom is a toddler that has just woken up from his afternoon nap.

Sh*t me, Maria, it's Tuesday.

Holy hell.


  1. I was sure yesterday was Wednesday for a while, I knew it wasn't Thursday as I only had one child at home and on Thursday I'll have both, all day for the rest of the holidays. I don't think I'm going to get up on Thursday.
    Oh, and I remember that time of thinking "please go back to sleep, it's not a fully awake grizzle yet surely", but of course it is a fully awake grizzle and you have to get up no matter how tired you are

  2. Tinker16.12.14

    This is life with small children. At least with mine and I haven't yet met parents who say they get enough sleep and they get enough time for themselves. My consolation is, it's getting better every day as the kids are more and more independent. And meanwhile lets enjoy good moments and get through the difficult ones. The enjoying part is a puzzle, when there is not enough sleep I know..but try to get sleep whenever it's possible.
    And about the ongoing-ness of this....its nice to know there is someone out there struggling same kind of kids-stuff-life problems and I'm not going insane on my own.