That's the way to repair a house, I tell ya

So, not mentioning any names of companies, but... Picture this: a family moves out of their house so it can be repaired from earthquake damage. Standard thing, happens all over Christchurch, right?


Several months they've been living elsewhere. Their house is getting better, and better, and it's in the last stages of getting repaired - the family is looking forward to getting back home soon, and they're kind of excited, yeah! - when a concrete-fixing-whatever-you-call-them-company comes to pour concrete into cracks.

They pour concrete and some of it gets poured into piping underneath the house.

Like, there used to be pipes that moved stuff along in them, but now they're full of concrete, and in case you're not very much into building and architecture, that's not, like, a very good thing ;)

So, in true Christchurch style, this house that's been just short of ready to be declared repaired and habitable again,  and where builders have been doing their last jobs of "prettifing", is now looking to be, guess what?, demolished.

Because at this stage an insurance company that is paying for the whole thing is kind of starting to say that, f*ck this, it's going to be cheaper to demolish the house, and build it anew again, than it is to jack it up, remove the base, put in new piping and foundations and everything, and then lower the house back down again.

And I bet the family is at this stage going either, 1) are you f*ckin' kidding me!?!, or 2) oh, so NOW you give us a new house!

But either way, they're not getting back into their house anytime soon :P

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