How'd you get into that position?

It was so funny that I couldn't help but come here and share.

I was standing by the sink, doing dishes, and - as usual - The Girlie was sitting next to me in her bouncy chair, watching what I do. Michael Buble's "Everything" was playing on the speakers and I was half-washing dishes, half-dancing by the sink when suddenly this very annoyed noise started coming from where The Girlie was sitting.

I looked down and sort of went...

Hmm. ;)

How'd you even get into that position?

She was stuck like that, unable to get her head back up and - as all exemplary parents do ;) - I
first laughed,
then got a camera to take a photo and
only after that helped her out.

As you do.

And because now I am in front of this computer anyway (both children are in bed, phew!), I might as well upload a whole bunch of other photos.

The Man is probably going to have words with me for putting up photos of him in his underwear but... I did warn him about that and he didn't put proper pants on, so here you go ;)


  1. Anonymous11.12.14

    Nii armsad olete!

  2. Poiss läheb aina rohkem ississe, ja pisem on totaalselt sinu koopia :D