On coincidences

Yesterday I saw a cyclist sitting on the side of a road. Chain on his bike had snapped and he was waiting to get in touch with his friends who were finishing work soon to come pick him up. I was heading to town anyway so I suggested I fetch a bike rack to go on the back of the car and give him a lift instead. He gratefully accepted.

I drove, we chatted. He was a nice man, it was nice to have company.

Not even 5 minutes into the drive we realised that he was the anesthesist who helped me during labour with The Girlie five months ago, and quite aside from that fact alone (hello!, in a city of 300,000) it made me grin to think that last time we met he was trying to get into my face with, "I need you to listen to me! Can you hear me?" and all I could do was scream back at him in agony.

It was definitely more pleasant to chat with him in our warm car than it was to scream at him in incoherent pain =)

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