Who looks like who

I think she looks like my husband. My mother thinks she looks like me. Most people tell me she looks like me. Some people tell me she looks like my husband.

A classmate that was visiting snapped this of us in the Cardboard Cathedral two days ago

I think she looks a lot like The Kid did at her age.

The Kid with The Man three years ago at our home in Wanaka

But either way, I think we make cute babies. ;)


  1. Love the hairdo!

  2. Kristina10.10.14

    If you happen to find some time between puke rally :) etc. could you write a little about local's opinion towards religion and if/how it has affected you? I think it's easy to be atheist in Estonia, would it be strange or unconventional in NZ? I understand different accents are well tolereated in there, how about all kinds of religions? Just something I started wandering about after googeling Cardboard Cathedral.

  3. Anonymous11.10.14

    Superpildid! Nii kallid kõik! Martinil on vale sõrm suus!

  4. jah! mulle ka meeldib su sonks! Ning jah! Teil on superarmsad lapsed!