Wednesday morning blogging!

On Wednesday mornings I drop The Kid off at the nanny's and return home for a quiet morning/afternoon of studying. Well, not just studying: I also get to lay on the bed with The Girlie, just the two of us, quietly, and eat ice cream without having to share, and play music from Youtube, and when she's in bed I get to study, like this:

It's Bonnie Raitt and John Prine playing on the background. I love the song!

I am an old woman 
Named after my mother 
My old man is another 
Child who's grown old 

If dreams were thunder 
And lightning was desire 
This old house would've burned down 
A long time ago 

Make me an angel 
That flies from Montgomery 
Make me a poster 
Of an old rodeo 
Just give me one thing 
That I can hold on to 
To believe in this livin' 
Is just a hard way to go

I study and I think back on the week that's just gone past. On the young cattle exploring the hillside...

...on cold, rainy mornings...

...on afternoons with friends on picnic blankets, watching a car race down below...

...on The Kid arriving home after a long day out and collapsing on the sofa...

...but most of all on the fact that we're doing good. Life's good. Love's good. Love of life's good!

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