On the amusement of disabled parking

It's a weekly source of amusement for me.

In front of the preschool where The Kid attends, there is a disabled parking spot - a wide, well-marked, disabled parking spot. There is also space for other, "normal" parking, yet almost every time I come to drop The Kid off at preschool, the disabled space is taken.

This week it was taken by a new Toyota SUV.
Last week it was a new Audi with tinted windows, and on the other day a Subaru SUV.
The week before that, it was a Lexus.

I'm not kidding, nor exaggerating: I am yet to see that disabled space taken by some old, beat-up car, or see any of the cars that actually park there display a disabled sign.

Because there is usually space in that parking lot regardless, then it's not a big deal, really - but it does make me have a little giggle. I push my way out of the preschool with a pram and an excited toddler, see some hot chick with knee-high boots climb into her Lexus - parked at the disabled parking space in an otherwise empty parking lot, minus my own car - and drive off happily.

And I think: wow disabled people drive some fancy cars =).


  1. Anonymous3.9.14

    Eestis ütles vist Madis Jürgen nende kohta, et las ajuinvaliidid pargivad ka :)

  2. I've actually been seeing a lot of disabled parking recently that's occupied by a car with a disabled parking permit! I'm pleased to see that cos the other people who use them should not be and I get grumpy about that.