Today I saw a magpie attack a cyclist.

I'd known that magpies tend to attack cyclists before, and I'd seen cyclists wear lots of cable ties on their helmets - to deter magpies from attacking - before, but I'd never actually seen it happen. You know, like, in real life.

But today I saw it. 

I was on my way to town, carefully driving up behind a group of cyclists, when this thing "fell out of the sky" and just started going for this lady's helmet, bang!, bang!, bang!, flapping its wings and picking with its beak and I was, like, whoa, dude.

The thing's fierce, man.


If you knew how difficult it is to get photos of this dog when she's not in motion, you'd be way more impressed with these images than you currently are. Seriously.

Talking of The Dog: we've got an old bath under the rain/downpipe. She effin' loves the thing.


To keep her amused during nappy changes I've tied a toy onto a shelf above the changing table.

She loooooooves that mouse!

It's made me wonder: will it become one of her, you know, attachment toys? The sort that she'll hug when she wants comfort? Because she sees it every day, several times a day, and her brain's probably really, really, really getting used to it by now.


Good morning!


One thing is sorting toys into groups based on their "nature" - fruits together, cars together, soft toys together...

...but entirely another is the fact that The Man reckons that The Kid has got the hang of counting.

Okay, so he hasn't got the hang of the actual numbers yet - you know, like, "one" and "two" and "three" and whatever - but he's certainly doing his counting in his own little language where he goes, "Uuuuuuuks. Koooooooooks. Uuuuuuuuuuks. Kooooooooooooks," and when he gets to the last number, he shouts it out excitedly.

So, like, if there's three chickens on the lawn, he'll "count" to three - not less, but not further either - and when there's bigger numbers involved, say, seven or eight or something, then he'll probably get messed up somewhere in his counting but... by golly, he's putting a real good effort into it.


Otherwise, I'm doing good again - up on my feet, eating, having energy again.

However, now The Man is down. Fun times.

Talking of which: I was talking to a friend today who moves in entirely different circles of people than I do, and there's almost nowhere we go both of us, but when I mentioned to her today that I've been ill for most of the week this week, she went, "Ah, with that stomach bug that everyone seems to be getting at the moment?"


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