And all that can be caused by... copper?

Holy... WHOA!!!

I don't know yet, I need to wait for the results of a blood test I had earlier today, but...

Remember the seizures I've had? One two weeks ago, another one eight months ago, and a whole array of smaller ones in the past two and a half years?

Remember the heart palpitations I've had?

Remember all the countless posts I have written?, trying to understand what on earth is happening to my body, all whilst my GP scratches her head, my cardiologist scratches his head, my neurologist scratches his head, nothing comes up on an EEG, or on an ECG, or on an x-ray, or on an ultrasound - all whilst I keep on having these weird "waves" and wonder, am I really a hypochondriac? Am I really making this up?

But, turns out, there may be such a simple explanation to it all that it almost makes me want to hyperventilate, just for the excitement of possibly having an answer.

Because, listen to this: it could be as simple as me having too much copper in my body.


It would explain the seizures (and even the fact - and I am sorry if this is too much information here, but - why I had a seizure after a copper IUD was inserted), why I sometimes have little heart palpitations alongside seizures, or sometimes separately, and even, guess what? Anxiety.

And if all goes well, the treatment will be as simple as eating things that have lots of zinc (meat, spinach, seafood) and staying away from foods which are rich in copper - which, sadly, include such a thing as chocolate =P. Oh well... I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

I am sitting here, willing myself to relax, but in my head I feel like a little lightbulb has gone off. I feel...

I feel very close to what I felt like in March, when I was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes (which, by the way, is now confirmed to have gone away! Yay!)

Back then, a little conversation I had with a diabetes nurse resulted in me understanding a lot of the circumstances surrounding The Kid's birth, because suddenly there was a plausible explanation to why what happened, happened.

And now I feel the same: if that test result comes back in a way I think it will come back, I will have a plausible explanation to an array of health issues, and I will be able to stop wondering if I am a "gone mental" hypochondriac. In fact, it may even help me be less angry at this house, and at my landlord, and, heck, even at a New Zealand real estate market! =D

And most of all, it will... give me peace, for I will be less scared of driving, or scared of walking downhill with my daughter in the pram in front of me, and if I don't have any more seizures for a while I may even start bathing my daughter in a bath without being afraid of having a seizure whilst doing it.

And it's, like... wow. A blood test, and then possibly a urine test, and I may have an answer to all that.



  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Millal sa vastused saad?

    1. Homme lähen arsti juurde.

  3. Kristina5.9.14

    You know when I had my baby he started nocturnal cramping when he was 2 weeks old. Drove me crazy from worry and sadness :( sat 3 weeks in children's hospital with him, doing all kind of test an hearing all kind of dark scenarios. Only to find out he had vitamin B12 deficiency and 3 shots solved all our problems in 8 days.