Flying to Auckland

In a few weeks' time I will probably visit Auckland. Estonian consul is coming to New Zealand and it will allow me to update my passport, therefore saving me from having to fly all the way to Sydney to do it.

Should be pretty straightforward, I thought - until I actually started thinking about it this morning.

So I'll pack everything I need in my backpack: food, water, nappies, change of clothes for The Girlie, documents. 

But then I thought: do they allow food on domestic flights? Gotta check with Air New Zealand.

I'll put The Girlie in a frontpack when need be and she can sleep in a carseat.

Except... I can't carry the carseat in hand, now can I? I'll need to take the pram with me if I bring the carseat.

And then it sort of escalated from there: with a pram, how do I manage public transport? Like, really - I've never had to get on a bus before with a baby and a pram :).

Do I need to check-in the pram at the airport? Don't know. Gotta check with Air New Zealand.

And suddenly going to Auckland started to seem like a chore. I'm pretty sure it will be kind of cool, actually, but I am just suddenly looking at the information I will need to get my head around in order to do that trip, and it's starting to remind me of Immigration New Zealand and what it was like applying for residency, when we had that massive list of "To Do" on the fridge.

But at least it feels like there is a promise of adventure, and I need adventure right now.

Hah: adventure. My life has come to a point where flying to Auckland for a day to renew my passport is an adventure.

Awesome. Someone should've shown me a snapshot of this in 2009, when I was making my way uphill in Kaikoura Range on an icy slope, or the next day when I was making my way down in a river canyon, ill and exhausted, and they should've shown me this and said, Maria, in five years' time you will spend your days in a house changing nappies and seeing to demanding toddlers' demands and flying to Auckland will be an adventure.

I would've probably gone, hmm, to that picture.


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