Two interesting radio interviews worth listening to

If it weren't so late and I weren't so tired, I'd write more, but it is and I am, so...

Two radio interviews that I think are worth listening to:

1. Kim Hill spoke to Janette Sadik-Khan who headed some major transportation improvements in New York recently (more bikers, more pedestrians, fewer cars) and, lord, do I wish something similar gets done in Christchurch!

2. Kim Hill also spoke to Claire Shipman last week.

The bit that struck me the most was where Claire pointed out that, if we were to generalise it like that, school-aged girls learn to do things well, achieve academically and aspire towards perfection, whereas boys learn to get in trouble but carry on regardless of their mistakes.

Which, when these youngsters get from school to worklife, means that women underestimate their achievements and spend a long time brooding over their mistakes, whereas men acknowledge their mistakes, have a little fuss and then simply press on - and that, in a nutshell, gives men an advantage when it comes to promotions, confidence, salaries etc.

And then she said that she and her co-author both have daughters: co-author's girl is a do-well achiever, and Claire's own daughter is a tomboy who doesn't even want to brush her hair.

Whilst they were doing this research, her co-author started to realise that her do-well achiever daughter could really do with some attitude, and Claire realised that her own tomboy daughter who used to give her heartburn might actually be benefitting from being such a rascal.

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