Piglets and naps

You know that piglet-sounding thing newborns do? That "Mh. Mh! Mh..." thing, as if they're pushing one out? (Though they're not?) Usually right before sleep? That thing.

The noise of my life.

Coming up to six in the morning, I've been up with her since four-something. She's "Mh!"-ing in the bassinet, not really loud, but just loud enough to keep me from falling asleep, and we go like that for over half an hour.

Finally she settles and I think, yay, a little sleep!, but not even five minutes later... The Kid is up. I get up, too, thinking, and another day has begun, just like that.

Now it's the other way around: The Kid has just gone down for an afternoon nap, I've laid down, too... And not even five minutes later the little piglet starts her thing in the bassinet.

Oh for Christ's sake, again?! Another nap time like that?

Yesterday the same thing happened and as soon as The Girlie had settled, The Kid was up.

But, hey, at least it's a step up from yesterday morning when I'd sat up with her since three AM, not four like today.

Jesus I'd like to sleep.

Getting sort of repetitive here.


  1. unfortunately this is one of the joys of motherhood, your hearing gets more and more sensitive to noises in the night and you get no sleep. I now have to use earplugs or else I can't get to sleep due to Dh's snores (didn't used to bother me) and if youngest starts his autietalk (my name for it) in the middle of the night that would wake me and keep me awake for the hour or two it goes on even though he's perfectly happy!

    1. So you see it here cos I don't think you get notifications for replies on my blog, Autietalk is my name for youngest's autistic babble. It's not any language and is something he does sometimes for no apparent reason, but generally it sounds happy. He is on the autistic spectrum, hence the name :)

    2. Have responded again on my blog Maria :)