On sleep

Vacuuming will wait, and so will dishes. Dusting, washing-sorting, the lawn - all can wait. Sleeping - cannot. Won't.

Wednesday is when The Kid spends a day with our nanny, a sort of a Waldorf-mindset lady. It works well, and gives me a break, but depending on how this week goes I may add another day onto our "nanny timetable" because, getting sleep with two? Ain't going very well.

Pretty tired. But that's to be expected :)

(Am I repeating myself? I am, ain't I. Well, tough luck then.)


  1. I absolutely agree with you - sleep is the most important thing! ;)
    How is child care organized in NZ? Here in Germany almost all kids between 3-6 go to a (municipal) nursery. for kids between 1-3 years also nannys / childminder are quite usual (normally 4-5 kids at her own home).

    1. In NZ kids get 20 hours of gov. supported preschool time each week when they turn 3, however the closest preschool to where I live is half an hour drive so it would take me two hours a day to drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. So instead, we have this nanny, she lives closer, though her time still costs even though he's 3. At 5 they go to school.