Two children sleeping at the same time! Time for a quick post.

Lately we've been...

...spending a lot of time sitting on the bed, breastfeeding.

...holding The Girlie upright to get the burps up.

...letting The Kid watch lots of Pixar movies. At 7 o'clock in the morning (when I've been up since 4-something) and 5 o'clock in the evening (still up since 4-something), whether it's good parenting or not, it gets me through the day.

...learning to type one-handed and getting stuff on the computer done with The Girlie upright on top of us.

...and regardless of how tiresome - if not to say exhausting - this time in our lives is, feeling that it is also full, and rewarding.

PS. Am I really only taking photos of her when she's wearing the suit with cars on it!?


  1. She is so cute! Both of mine were really often sleeping on top of us too...
    How is the Kid reacting to the new baby? He is already 3?

  2. Anonymous26.6.14

    Niiii armsad!

  3. Anonymous26.6.14

    Niiii armsad! Muidugi jälle vanaema, ei lase mul teisiti kommenteerida

  4. Maria! I've been meaning to say congrats congrats congrats! What a gorgeous bundle - hope you are all doing well xx