How we're doing

Thank you for all your well-wishes! I have not the time to respond to each of you individually, but just know that I appreciate all your e-mails, texts and comments you have left over the last few days. There's been an outpouring of love and we are feeling it!

We are doing very well. There's little sleep and not often a spare hand for doing anything on the computer, but given the circumstances - we're only 4 days old at the moment - that's to be expected :).

We are taking it easy at home and learning to be with each other. Each evening, a hot meal arrives at our doorstep - my workmates have made a roster of bringing us food every day for a few weeks, a real blessing! - and each morning, a slightly tired but a very happy parent gets up from bed to experience yet another day, one mostly with The Girlie (me, breastfeeding), the other with The Kid (him, playing).

She's a wee diddy thing. At birth she was 3065 grams (6 pound 7 ounces) and 50 cm, so she's adorable as in her clothes that are all slightly baggy on her :). She eats like a champ, especially at night ;), and keeps me glued to our couch for a large chunk of the day. Now she's burping on my tummy and I'm typing, one-handed.

The birth was hard, oh so very hard!, and by one stage, I screamed like I have never screamed before with all that pain - however, just like I was told, I cannot remember what that pain was like any more. I remember how it was hard, and how I kept thinking that I cannot do any more, how I feel I am being sliced open, but... I don't remember any more what it was like exactly, because what I remember instead is that, plop!, feeling as she slid out and screamed instantly, and how they lifted her on my tummy and I then cried, and cried, with tears of joy and surprise and relief.

Mostly, I am filled with gratitude and love. And as she's just fallen asleep, I will also hopefully be filled with sleep, too, in a few short moments ;). It's 3 am. We're doing well!


  1. :) jõudu ja jaksu!

  2. Anonymous9.6.14

    so happy to hear you're both well!! katrinka