So, I learned first-hand today why nurses/midwives/doctors, whenever they undress a baby - for weighing, for example - the first thing they do is place a little napkin on baby's bum.

Because picture this: me undressing The Girlie for weighing today, chatting away happily, about to hand her naked body to the midwife by the scales and...


I look down and, for a moment, my brain freezes. There's bright yellow baby poo all around me: on my t-shirt, on the carpet, on the bouncy chair, on my pants. I'm standing there, still holding The Girlie in my hands... I don't even know what to do next.

What do you do in a situation like that? Place the baby somewhere, but where?, since there's poop on her backside. Step away? But there's poop on my feet, I'll tread it around. Take off my t-shirt? But what am I going to do with the baby still in my hands?

Jesus Christ it was messy.

And carpet... Don't even get me started on cleaning baby poop off carpet. AND! On a certain toddler finding it amusing to take a poop-soaking rag off the carpet then and start playing around with it.

Oh, being a mother is such a glamourous job!


  1. Not sure what happened there, my comment disappeared! I was trying to say that babies have the perfect sense of timing for these things; what moment will make things hardest for mummy? Eldest always saved these things for me; I remember one time when I was sitting at the table and his dad handed him to me and he exploded! Poop all over me (the disposable I think saw it coming and stepped sideways), all over the chair, my feet and even in my hair; ick!

    1. I guess it was at least good that it didn't end up in food on the table?