I think I am so used to being physically capable that as soon as I get ill, I think I've got a depression. Sound familiar? It does to me.

Whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge - and more whinge. Almost everything feels like a chore, but unlike yesterday, I think I am going to get my a$$ out of this house today and go get groceries at least, because going by yesterday's experience, staying at home with a toddler isn't any more restful.

I think it's a... spectacular combination, being heavily pregnant, with a cold and a stomach upset, whilst on a strict diet, whilst caring for a toddler. Spectacular, I say!

I feel like I've been sucked on with a vacuum cleaner.


* she writes, whilst sitting on a sofa, it's 7 am in the morning, and The Kid is already watching a cartoon on the computer.

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