Saturday morning musings

Wow! What fascinating way of treating something! Researchers at Mayo Clinic injected a woman with a massive dose of measles to... get her rid of her cancer.

Like, wow. Would you have thought of that?


Kim Hill was talking to Aubrey de Grey on Radio New Zealand National just now. Aubrey specialises in the topic of aging - namely, in ways of stopping aging. (Have a look at his TED talk, if you wish.)

As they were discussing cell division and replacement and yada-yada-yada, he said something about the human body working better at the age of 20 rather than, say, when it's much older than that.

It made me wonder: if I could "stop" my body from aging at a certain point and if I could then keep it like that for a certain amount of time, what age would I choose?

Would it really be 20? I'm not sure.

I know it would be from before I had The Kid, ie from before my abdominal muscles got cut through during my Caesarean section - I'd kinda like that part of my body intact again. But 20? Probably not. 25 maybe.

But what I'm also thinking is, this whole idea of "stopping" - I would only do it as far as my physical body goes, but I would not want to go back to my 25-year-old self, mentally!

I like where my personality has come, over the years, and will probably enjoy where it goes in the future also - I would not want to be my 20-year-old self again, not for all the internal... struggles that were going on at the time. I am much more comfortable in my own skin now than I was back then, and I am much less people-dependent (or, to be precise, people's opinion dependent) than I was back when I was 20, and I would definitely prefer keeping it that way.


Going through this experience of gestational diabetes now (oh my god, how I would LOVE to eat chocolate again!), it's made me realise how many foods and desserts I have left untried so far.

Almost every day - or radio, on internet, in people's conversations - I keep on coming across foods that I do not know the taste of, and cannot really try now either because of how rich/sweet they are.

And it's probably not the healthiest of approaches, but hell, I think I am going to have a new-found appreciation to all things deliciously rich, gooey and decadent. So many foods to try yet!


And to finish off: I would so not want to live where Australian spiders live. Geesh!

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