Random thoughts on a Friday

Having gestational diabetes has made me realise how unavailable "diabetes friendly" food is in Christchurch's cafes, pubs and other food-retail places.

I'm not talking hardcore "chew on this bland stick" sort of food here. Rather, what I mean is food that is low(ish) GI - that's short for glycemic index for ya - and is basically generally low on sugar, low on carbs or simply packed with sort of ingredients that body takes a while to break down, and as a result, food that keeps sugar levels stable.

I can see and understand why that is, and I cannot blame food retailers for offering stuff that's selling and, therefore, creating an income and a profit - but still. It scares me.

Most places, when I look at the food cabinet, shelves are covered in straight-up "white flour, thick loaves, creamy fillings" sort of food, or extensively sugar-packed desserts, and little else.

I had somehow always assumed that besides the food I was ordering, there were healthier options available for people with gluten intolerance, or dairy intolerance, or just generally healthier, wholemeal foods, and it wasn't until I was up against my restrictive diet that I realised: holy sh*t, the food that we are eating and serving, on a daily basis, generally culturally speaking, in standard retail spaces... is a bloody dietician's nightmare. The food I am talking about relies so heavily on refined sugar and white, "fast-acting" flour as main ingredients that... no wonder I had learned to view cafe foods as "treats" because, generally speaking, that precisely what they are. So far I had, of course, assumed that my view towards cafes as "treat places" had more to do with the fact that I am frugal and tend not to eat out because of the cost - and when I do, it really is to treat myself with something sweet - but only now have I realised that there really isn't much more... available out there. Most cafe foods really are pies, cakes and thick sandwiches.

And if you ever get gestational diabetes, I have a feeling you will, too, soon learn to carry all your dietary requirements with you, in form of fruit, sandwiches and vegetables, and eat it, well, wherever, really.


Have you heard it said that New Zealand has an epidemic of overweight and obese people?

It occurred to me lately that I, for as much sense as this stuff makes, am part of it.

Because check this out: with a BMI (that's short for body mass index for ya) of 25.2, I, too, am classified as "overweight". (Everyone in a BMI bracket of 25-29.9 is, and whoever fits inside 20-24.9 bracket is considered normal.)

I looked at that printout in a hospital's office and sort of went... "Oh."

Because here's the thing: I have absolutely no problem with my weight or my body shape or whatever. I go places and climb things and keep healthy and eat healthy and feel well. In fact, staying in high 24's and having more of a laid-back lifestyle, I think, has done wonders to my reproductive system, definitely more than those low 19's days when I was pushing myself, physically, and didn't see a problem in that, either.

My priorities were different.

But anyway, it was just... weird, seeing that label, "overweight", applied to me in a medical chart, because I would by no means classify myself as overweight, not even on my bad days, and wouldn't use that label for other people who are of similar body shape, either.

It was another reason to listen to that news story being played on the radio, of the seriousness of this "epidemic", and to switch on my news-filtering part of the brain, yet again, because if I am, indeed, part of a problem in New Zealand's obesity crisis, then good riddance, guys, really.


I'm officially overdue. And I am officially in that much talked about part of the pregnancy where I get contractions, on and off, and pains, and can be generally uncomfortable, and impatient, and grumpy, and yet when I get checked by a midwife and they run a Doppler on my tummy, I am also officially sitting at 0 - no progress - and wanting to say it out loud that WTF!?!


So what have all these pains been for, for Pete's sake!!!

And, yeah, I know there's more to it than that, I know about Bishop's scores, and about cervical efficacy, and yada-yada-yada, so please do not approach me with this big picture, "oh your body is doing it well, don't worry" talk - because I know all that, and do not need to be reminded about that.

But still... WTF!?!



Grumpy pregnant woman.


I had a few more things to say, but it's so uncomfortable and time-consuming typing on an iPad that I'm done for today. Good night!


  1. On the BMI thing, my husband is overweight on that, but he's seriously muscular due to lots of judo; most of the All Blacks would be overweight on that too so I think it's one of those things to take with a grain of salt.

  2. Sort of the same here: I've got a heavy skeleton, apparently.

  3. haha - she might be born on the same day as me? :) #1moreday

    1. Ma olen kah, muideks, vaadanud kalendrit ja mõelnud, et ei tea, äkki tulebki Katrinkaga sama päev =). Aga hetkel tundub juba, et mitte: meil on juba teise juuni hommik, ja miskit ei toimu, niiet kui ta just kiirkorras ei sahmi nüüd, siis tuleb mingi muu kuupäev.

      Mis toob meelde selle, et: teine juuni on. Palju õnne sünnipäevaks! =D