On gestational diabetes and induction, again

I've already written about it somewhat, three days ago, and to those of you not interested in more pregnancy-related reading, I suggest you stop reading right about now because what's going to follow is exactly that - more pregnancy-related reading.

Namely, inductions and gestational diabetes. 

(A fun topic, isn't it, eh?)

So: I spent my morning at the hospital again with routine, check-up sort of stuff. I got to speak to a midwife - not my own, but a hospital one - and I got to tell her about my concerns with the upcoming induction. I told her that I'd started reading up on why an induction was necessary to begin with and that I couldn't see much sense in it any more. Could she maybe give me a few pointers?

She did; and she was helpful, in two things mostly.

First of all she was helpful in confirming what had become my plan anyway, and that is: I am going to speak to my obstetrics team about it. Yes, gestational diabetes comes with risk factors - I am well aware of that - but according to my research so far it comes with risk factors because of what damage high sugar numbers do. Without high sugar numbers (ie, when diabetes is well controlled, which is me) the case isn't as straightforward any more.

Yes, gestational diabetes tends to come with other risk factors piled on top of it, like high weight and BMI for example, or high blood pressure, or older age, and all of the above can point towards an early induction, too - but again, I have none of these risk factors.

Which brings me to another thing this midwife was helpful with.

As she was looking through my notes she started saying how being over 40 there are risks associated with going overdue, which is another reason why an induction may be indicated, and as she was saying that I thought to myself, "Who's over 40?"

And so I asked her that. And you know what?

Turns out that the very first obstetrician I saw, oh, must've been almost three months ago now, had written right on the front page of my file where a summary of facts are lined up, that I am, "Diabetes, 40+ years"

40+ years.

That's, like, me being 40+ years old. (Say what?)

I looked at this midwife, puzzled, and she looked back at me, also puzzled. She then looked down at my file again where at the top there is also that sticker with my private details, amongst which is a line where it says, correctly, that I am only 29 years old at the moment, and right about then, I think, both of us had a sort of a "A-ha" moment.

I don't know if any of the other medical professionals who have opened my file, like this midwife did, have looked at me being "40+ years old" and made their conclusions - have simply gone from that line, that I'm a pretty old mother (even if I look pretty darn well-preserved for my age). Or maybe none of them have even noticed it - maybe they've all looked at the sticker with the correct information instead.

But either way, that "40+ years" has been listed on my file under risks factors for as long as I've been listed under Christchurch Women's, without anyone correcting it, and it begs a question that... have any of the decisions so far been made as a consequence of a moment of distraction? Or has that obstetrician simply got a really bad case of handwriting, which others may have then gone by?

Either way, what I am going to do is simply continuing with what they refer to as "excellent control" with my sugar numbers, and when I see my obstetrics team two weeks from now, I am going to talk to them about it. And unless there is an actual reason to being induced at 40 weeks, with Syntocinon nonetheless, whilst being a VBAC, and that reason gets articulated to me and The Man, then there's a good chance I am going to simply say that, sorry, guys, but I can't see how this makes any more sense than giving it a little more time, and seeing if this girl of mine is wanting to come out at her own terms instead.

It's... interesting, being late-term pregnant now. I am learning quite a bit.

Definitely different from what it was like last time.


  1. Wow glad that got cleared up for you! What a mistake to make!

  2. Stick with your gut Maria, avoid that syntocinon!