I think The Dog is growing up

Have you noticed there's been a lot less moaning about The Dog's antics on this blog lately? No? Well, there has.

At one stage I wasn't sure I was really going to be able to say this, ever, but... I think she's growing up. Finally!

What made me think of it is that I saw this photo on internet today...

...and straight away related to it in that very, ha!, I know what you're feeling, mate! I've got a Lab, too! way. In fact, if we had things delivered to our doorstep, this could've SO easily been our photo, and our dog.

And then it occurred to me: we haven't had anything eaten around this house for a... while now. She doesn't bring cr*p to our steps any more, hasn't eaten carpet underlay, books now get destroyed by The Kid rather than The Dog, I haven't had to get a new washing basket, The Man can pee in peace. This list could go on.

She follows basic commands. Stays (mostly) off furniture. Eats things that are meant to be eaten, and can distinguish doggie toys from kiddie toys and shoes. I mean, don't get me wrong: she still goes off on adventures if what's "out there" is more interesting than us shouting, "Come here!" She's not an angel dog.

But it's little, minor stuff, really.

Because mostly, she's an... enjoyable dog now! For all of us.

And weirdly enough, it sort of makes me... miss those times when chewed-up stuff was a daily occurrence, and when she could be such a royal pain in the a$$, and when I thought, oh my God, I have picked a Lab that's got ADHD and is going to be like this forever.

Does it mean I am one day going to miss The Kid's tantrums, too?

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