A typical conversation these days + A pregnancy moan

People, "Oh, you don't look like you're about to pop / 37 weeks pregnant / that far along (insert your version of "big") at all!"

The Man, "Yeah, it's amazing what you can fit inside a woman when you start diminishing her lung capacity, and her stomach capacity, and her bladder."


I lay awake last night trying, trying and trying to get comfortable somehow, changing sides, arranging pillows, but whichever way I lay, my back ached. At some point I even wondered if this is what women refer to when they say that in early labour they have that niggling, unrelenting lower back pain for... for a long time, basically.

But no, I don't think so. I think this is just my back aching because my hips are so loose and my whole repertoire of sleeping positions consists of either my left side, or my right side, and that's about it.

And possibly it's also because I had an attempt at gardening yesterday, even whilst my hip kept coming out of its socket and I... "lovingly" tried ignoring it.

Oh dear. It's seven o'clock in the morning and I already feel like I'd like to pop a Paracetamol or two.

And just for the record: under normal circumstances, I'm not a Paracetamol sort of a girl. I don't treat them like they're a food group. If I pop one, it usually means that stuff actually hurts.

Just a few more weeks, Maria, a few more weeks.


  1. Anonymous12.5.14

    I recommend trying to sleep on a harder bed or even moving to the floor with a thin mattress! I was amazed how much that helped me!

    1. I'm on a hard bed as it is...