What my birth will be like

Something I forgot to add to my previous post.

I came across a sentence at Birth Without Fear yesterday that, just like to the person who wrote it, spoke to me.

"Earlier in the week, our friend Maggie told me that my birth will be whatever I need it to be at this moment in my life. Those words will forever haunt and inspire me."

It's what I feel this pregnancy is like for me, too, and what the birth - however it will go - will be like. No matter what it will be like, it will be what I need at this particular moment in my life now, and so will be my daughter.

I don't understand why exactly, but this sentence fills me with... something bordering on peace and hope, or maybe encouragement.

Oh, and by the way, you - you the ones I know have prayed for me, even though you know I do not share your gods and your religions - thank you.

I feel thought of and supported. Encouraged. And helped.

Thank you.

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