On weight

It occurred to me yesterday that since getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes almost two months ago I haven't put on any weight. Like, nada - it does change a liiiiiiiittle bit, plus-minus 400-500 grams depending on when/where I get weighed, but generally speaking it's been pretty much the same since week "when I stopped eating yummy stuff" which was, what, 28? So 6 weeks ago?

In some ways it isn't surprising - I did tell my dietician right at the beginning already (when we were going through the list of things I am not allowed to eat any more) that I doubt I'll be putting any more weight on with this diet. In fact, I just may be able to hold on to what I already have.

But the thing that occurred to me yesterday was that, wait a minute, if the baby keeps growing, and the amount of amniotic fluid has grown, too, and my belly is getting bigger by the day - but my weight is staying the same - does that mean that the rest of my body is actually losing weight? Am I, like, getting thinner or something?

Am I?

I asked The Man for an opinion and he - straight up - said yes.

"What, like, visibly?" I looked at him, eyebrows lifted in surprise.
"Yeah, I think so," he replied simply, looked up and down my body, and then added something about my "puppy fat" (whatever that is) not being there any more.

And I sort of went... "Oh."

Because here's the thing: I was, actually, hoping to put on about 10 kg all up and to then keep it there for a while.

I remember when we were in Dunedin NICU with The Kid three years ago: my breastmilk wasn't coming and someone pointed out to us that I didn't have much excess weight to work from; that apparently being a little overweight helps, at least as far as breastfeeding goes.

I remember those big platefuls I then gobbled down for a while, "working" - quite literally - to put on some weight, quickly. I did get a few raised eyebrows from people that hadn't seen me for a while, when I returned to Wanaka softer and plushier than ever before, but hell with that - I was breastfeeding!

This time I was hoping to get there ahead of time, to put the weight on over a longer period of time and consistently, but... yeah. I can't really see that happening, not with this bloody glucose monitor thingy.

Custard squares.
Gooey caramel-filled brownies.

That's what I'm having once this thing is over!

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  1. I gained about 10 kg during my pregnancy and lost 7 kg of that during the delivery. And the rest came off in a week, so basically in 10 days I was in my pre-pregnancy weight. But that didn't influence my milk production in any way, because, well, if I'd produced more milk, then I could have sold it to others. Of course, people are different and pregnancies are different, but I would rather guess that your lack of milk was maybe a reaction to the stressful times. But of course, I'm no doctor or midwife or anything...