On rain

We're coming up to three weeks without a single dry day in between - up here, anyway - and the weather forecast keeps looking like this:

I'm, how to say it politely... over it. Winter weather, yeah; cold, yeah; even rain is "yeah" for a while - but this, this... this ongoing cold, humid, rainy stuff that just keeps on going and going and going... Bhuah.

(Can I at least have ONE day in between when I can hang up our washing on the line, please? One?)

Meanwhile, our neighboring farmers are saying the pastures are looking flusher now, in April, than they do in spring.

Well, good on you, guys, but I would still like to put my washing out on the line for a change, and go out on the lawn without seeing my gumboots leave indents in every place I've stepped, and go in the garden and pick tomatoes and radishes that haven't "blown up" from the oversupply of water.

Water is good, rain is good, but I'm just not so keen on having it every. Single. Day like that.

Parts of Banks Peninsula already had a record-breaking March rainfall. Does April really need to do the same?

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  1. It's probably not quite so bad down here, but it feels like a very long time since I last got a load of washing actually dry on the line. Sometimes I've got it drier, but not actually dry. The lawn has gone nuts, but it's too wet to mow and I've given up on the vege patch, the tomatoes and zucchini are all too busy exploding or molding up to actually pick. I think I'll just dig them in once things dry out a bit; if they dry out a bit.