Mechanics must "love" women

I felt like an idiot this morning and, as I was doing that, I felt pity towards my mechanic. Poor guy, women like me - to him - must look and sound like a different kind of species, let alone another gender.

It was a pretty typical situation, I think: Bruce (my car) had started making this... shushy-rattly sound about a week and a half ago, and revving whilst in neutral, and so I took her in for a WOF / service / repair-if-needed this morning.

Picture us standing in that yard, me and my mechanic.

"So what sort of a sound is it?" he asks.
"It's like this... sssssshhhhh sort of a sound," I say...
/ mechanic is probably thinking, "Yeah, a "sssssssshhh sort of a sound" - that just about explains it, woman." /
... "And she's doing it when we're either going up the hill or speeding up on the flats. On the left hand side of the bonnet there."

Mechanic nods and files it away in his head; asks me about the revving issue, I explain. He files that away in his head also. Just before I go, he says to me that he'll quickly check something and - he then goes and fetches a... watering can.

A watering (!) can.

(The mechanically minded people among you, you probably already know where this is going, don't you?)

Mechanic lets Bruce's engine run, opens a little black lid next to where I think a radiator opening is, and starts pouring in water. Litres, litres, litres of water.

I look at it pouring down, horrified, and think to myself, have I been driving around on an empty radiator!? But he's pouring it down the wrong hole! Radiator water goes in that hole where the lid says "coolant"!

As I am standing there, thinking that, he keeps on pouring in water.

Soon yucky grimy green liquid starts bubbling up from that hole, litres of it. A puddle forms under Bruce and when it stops bubbling, my mechanic turns the engine off, lets her cool down a little and starts pouring in water again.

And as we take a drive together a little later, none of the problems are there any more - no shushy-rattly sounds ("a sssssssshhhhh sort of a sound"), no revving, no... nothing. Just a car that drives.

And I suddenly learn, at 29 years of age, that there's actually two lids to a radiator, a yellow one that says "coolant" and a black one which should get topped up with water, also.

And even more embarrassingly, when my mechanic asks when was Bruce serviced last, I say that whenever she gets a WOF - I just ask her to get serviced at the same time as WOF, so I don't have to.

He looks up at the WOF sticker on the windscreen, "But we did her WOF last time?"
I brush it off, "Oh, I must've forgotten to ask then. I'm pretty sure she was done the time before that though."

Idiot. Maria, you're an idiot.

Because my mechanic goes through his records and finds that they've never serviced Bruce before, not in the 1.5 years that I've been here.

And now I am sitting here, thinking, nice work, Maria, nice work. 

I've been driving around a car that I thought was serviced - because I thought I had asked - and instead, she probably hasn't for a year and a half already, and on top of that, she had an almost empty radiator.

This - this is why mechanics must just looooooooooooove women, at least women like me.

Jesus Christ, Maria, a car with an empty radiator. You're like one of those people from those booklets they have at mechanical shops, where they write that it's important that you top up whatever needs topping up because otherwise your car may be unsafe to drive.

And you know why they often have photos of women on those booklets?

Because go look in the mirror, that's why.


  1. Well, noh, tead, liiga palju vedelikku pole ka hea. Mina nt suutsin tite kõrvalt mingis meeltesegaduses aknapesuvedeliku radiaatorisse kallata. Ise seejuures mõeldes, et MIS ajast see kork nüüd NII kõvasti kinni on ja üldse, kas see ei olnud kuidagi teistsugune ja... Aga näe, lahti sain ja ära kallasin ja alles hiljem taipasin, et aknapesuvedeliku valamiseks polegi üldse korki vaja keerata ja koht ka oli kuidagi imelik. Kui mees auto teenindusse viis selle jutuga, olla ainult mõistvalt noogutatud :D

  2. Karen16.4.14

    Don't worry too much. I actually ruined my car by driving it completely dry. Had to get a new engine :( At least you thought to check about the weird noise...