Getting there

Bhaah... (cue sound of yawning)

It's... yeah. Well... yeah.

I guess it's all only natural, but I would love to sleep, like, 12 hours a day at the moment. Easily.

But having said that, I would happily swap extra hours of sleep for decent digestion and sugar levels instead - because I'm done with diabetes. Soooooooooooo done with diabetes!

I keep telling myself that a few weeks more and then we'll be done: no more finger pricking, no more food consumption limits, no more achy-stiffy sleeps with two-three hourly bathroom breaks. (I have already packed a Mars bar into my hospital bag.) There will be other stuff, of course, to replace what I'm struggling with now, like most probably a newborn baby to take care of, but for the moment I am getting somewhat... tired of being pregnant, if you know what I mean.

It's what... late pregnancy tends to do to people, I hear.

On a good note though: no, I don't think I have a depression. Each day I am getting closer to what I remember being "pre-illness" felt like, so all things considered it was probably simply a virus that knocked me down and left me questioning my aptitude to... tackle things. And smile.

But still, at the moment it's just back aches and tummy aches and contractions and feeling out of breath and eating that goddamn salad again with those goddamn nuts and waking up at night, thinking, can I just have a catheter, please, instead?

35 weeks, baby, 35 weeks.

We'll see it closer on Thursday's scan, but in all likelyhood The Girlie is bigger now than The Kid was when he was born, so being familiar with NICU I've come to that "blaze sort of" mindset where I now look at my belly and think that as much I think she's better off staying there for a few more weeks, if she for some reason decided to arrive now, I'd know what it would be like. There wouldn't be panic. I've been there. 35 weeks is pretty straightforward sailing!

And that, I think, is partially why I am starting to get to that "over it" stage now. As each day goes past, I feel less like an essential incubator and more like a... hotel - which, I am sure, is also just what the nature intended when she designed our species to begin with.

But enough of this. I am going to see if The Kid wants a nap, and if he does, I am going to turn off my phone and have a nap also.


But first, I'll need to empty my bladder. Again.

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