Antenatal depression? Or not?

My feelings on this topic are ambivalent. Is it a natural reaction to being drained of nutrients after an illness? Or is it an onset of a depression?

Or is it both, an onset of a depression in reaction to body being drained of nutrients?

I'm struggling. Physically still weak and tired, almost everything feels like a chore, mentally. This morning I sat on the floor next to a sofa and cried - again - because I did not want to do any dishes, or feed the dog, or start the log burner, or do any of the other tasks that need doing. The Kid stood next to me and patted my back, and then started bringing me toys, and a while later, a handkerchief.

It's a no-brainer that I'm low on salts - frequent cramps in my calves, for one, is a direct sign of needing more magnesium. It's a no-brainer, also, that I would be low on stuff - several days of this "tummy bug" that accompanied my cold (I think it's probably quite self-explanatory here what I mean by a "tummy bug") made sure that lots of nutrients simply got flushed out of my system, and it's hard to build them back now with the little one draining my reserves, and diabetes limiting the amount and type of food I can have.

But where I get ambivalent is in deciding how long to wait for it to get better, before going to see someone and saying, look, I think I may have a depression. How many mornings do I need to sit and cry before it ceases being a case of simply being tired after an illness, and becomes a case of something else?

I'm eating to the best of my abilities as it is, and I am taking extra iron, and extra magnesium, and extra C vitamin, and extra B vitamins in form of supplements. But how long do I wait for this tiredness and weakness and general lack of enthusiasm to subside before thinking, hey, I've got a problem here?

It's quite impressive, actually, how quickly this cold made its way, and what condition it's left me in.


  1. I don't know what to do with depression (God knows, I wish I did...) but I can tell you for sure that it's always delightful to read you.Hugs!

  2. I don't know the answer to that, but my feeling is that at the moment it's likely simply that you're run down after the bug and your reserves are gone. Check with your midwife and see what she says though, considering you do have difficulty with the diet you're on building up new reserves I think that might be something best managed with your midwife's help.

  3. Anonymous23.4.14

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