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When I'm inside the house, doing stuff, housework, mostly - cooking, dishes, eating, whatever - I often listen to interesting audio programmes, speeches or in the lack of them, Radio New Zealand National. It's my way of making something personally useful out of housework, so that by the time I'm done with another load of dishes, I have also learned something new.

I've written before that I very much enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert's writing and she's also made what I consider is the best speech in TED's history, "Your elusive creative genius".

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that occasionally audio programmes I listen to have to do with public interviews Elizabeth Gilbert's given.

The one I've been listening to this morning, for example, whilst chopping up food for the slow cooker has been this, Liz discussing one of her books at the Dominican University of California.

And it... makes me want to get hold of that book and have a read. Sounds promising!

But if you also sometimes want to listen to something worth listening without having to pay attention to the screen itself, here are a few of my suggestions - the ones I could come up with / remember at this precise moment, anyway (all of these will open up in a new window):

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  1. oh, and http://www.radiolab.org is fun
    also coast to coast am, wherever you can get it http://zfirelight.blogspot.com

    ever heard of https://courses.edx.org be the fly on the wall
    also the teaching company and the modern scholar audio courses
    and audio books, what with to kill a mockingbird read by a southern voice, sort of perfect, in the pocket..

    been listening to a couple of NZ radio links you've put up, and thankfully so ;)