Over it for now

I think I'm over this weather now.

For one, the house is bloody cold because windows can't handle this wind and they were pretty crappy to begin with anyway, so... Two, it's frickin' loud! Everything roars and roars and roars and heading into the second day of constant roaring my ears are ringing out for some quiet (please?). Three, on top of the previous two things I'm feeling housebound, and making toast on a log burner soon gets pretty old when the power goes out again and I'm trying to entertain a toddler whilst staying mostly in the living room, where the log burner (and warmth) is.

So in short, I want this weather to move on already and for it to be quiet again. I want 22 degrees and quiet sunshine, alright? And just for the record, I can handle taking a walk when it's windy, no problem - but I just don't want to do it when it's 140 km/h sort of windy, sorry, and neither does my toddler.

On a positive note though: this constant roaring has, I think, taught our toddler to sleep through rain and wind, which is helpful, so - thanks!

And whilst I'm at it, I would just like to say that, wow, two days into being a housemom again and I can clearly recognise the tiredness - again. It'll get better, at least in some ways, I'm sure, once I'm more used to it again and have worked out a routine of what I'm doing and how I'm doing and why I'm doing, but for now, SAHMing a toddler whilst pregnant with our little girl here, I'm getting this feeling of wondering if I am looking a little cross-eyed again.

Not, like, literally, but...

Oh, hell, I should just stop trying to explain. People that have stayed at home with toddlers (on really, really rainy days!) will probably understand anyway and people that haven't probably won't, and heck with it.

Meanwhile, it just blows and blows and blows and blows outside. And rains. Pelts with rain!

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