On the option of a VBAC

I am so pleased and so relieved!

Today's appointment with the new obstetrician was nothing like I'd feared it might be. Instead of cautioning me of things to come (or going into some high-risk talk like the previous obstetrician had), the doctor looked at my current status - in short, I am 31 weeks pregnant and all is well - and said that providing that everything continues to go well, the option of a VBAC is open and welcome, and I just sat there and thought...


I mean, what actually happens will show itself once it actually happens - and in the end, what I really want is a healthy baby and a healthy mother - but to see the doctor confirm what to me looked like a reasonable way of viewing things, and to hear her say things to which I kept replying, "Yes," "Uh-oh," "Okay," "Alright," "Yeah, that sounds good," it felt like a blessing to me, and it was.

I feel settled and empowered, supported and trusted, and I trust the people working with me.

And it's great. It really is!

And because of that, I am so, so, so grateful.

It's been a good day today.


  1. Yessss! That's awesome!

  2. See tundub väga mõistlik ja normaalne lähenemine :) Jee.