On Christchurch rental prices

You know how it's said that Christchurch rents are "outrageous"? (Not my words, quoting.) And how people are paying New Zealand's highest prices for what are, essentially, very average houses?

What I'm about to write is probably going to make me sound like a whiny complainer, but so be it, because what I want to say is this: in my eyes, people that are charging those outrageous rents lose their right to complain about the situation. As simple as that.

And by the way, I am not saying whether people are right - or wrong - to charge these rents; landlords own their properties and it is their own business how they manage what they own.

But what I am saying is this: if your 4-bedroom house, single-glazing, four decades old, on a little back section is rented out at $650 a week then, no, I am sorry, but I do not wish to hear you complain about how bad the rental prices are in town! Why? Because you, my dear soul, are part of the problem.

Yes, I understand that what you charge is "market price". Yes, I understand that you are simply using the opportunity that has presented itself to you. But seriously, stop complaining! You cannot willingly kick a dog whilst moaning how unfair such an action is, and expect people to then take you seriously - it doesn't work this way. You either go with the flow, charge what you are charging and suck it up when people around you are discussing it, or you can make a difference, undercharge - at least undercharge according to what the market value is - and keep your right to complain about it.

But not both.


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