On being organised

I watched a friend potter around her kitchen the other day and I asked her, lovingly, if she thought she had a bit of an OCD. Her husband called out from the other room, "Yes!"

Later I added that I hadn't meant it as an insult, really.

Here's the thing: I often get asked/suggested (mostly by my husband) if I'm a bit of an OCD person, and I hold fast that no, I am not.

I am organised.

There's a difference.

I get slack at times when it's too tiresome or overwhelming, but most of the time if you asked me where something is at our house, I'd be able to tell you. Items are sorted into rooms / drawers / files etc based on their function, so even if I don't remember where something is kept, I can figure it out very quickly because I can think along the lines "where would it make sense to keep it?" and that's usually where that thing is. I hate looking for stuff! I hate the amount of time it wastes - time I could otherwise use for other, actually useful stuff.

At work I am also process driven: as soon as I find myself doing something that is unnecessarily repetitive (even if a company has been functioning in this manner for years),  and I can see that it could be evened out and shortened - timewise - by a little bit of planning ahead and organising, I plan ahead, organise and change the system. I do it for the same reasons that I keep my house organised: I am not "everlasting" enough to waste my time on stupidity, so if my lifespan is limited then so will the things I am willing to spend my time on need to be.

And that's the difference!

Just like this friend - the one who was pottering around her kitchen - who isn't doing things simply because she likes the motion of cleaning or whatever, she isn't OCD, and neither am I.

And on this note: the upcoming troublemaker's room is ready for her arrival! Two and a half months ahead of due date it may be a bit of a push by some standards, but to me, it's again about simplicity: by putting everything in place and having the clothes sorted, washed and stocked up, I now know that there's nothing else I need to focus on, apart from just staying well and helping her grow.

There's everything I know I will be needing to take care of her for the first few months - going by the experience of what bringing up The Kid was like, anyway - and very little extra. The stuff that I will be needing is there, and the stuff that I won't be needing, isn't.

And just like my kitchen, it's sorted because this is how things are the easiest.

Meanwhile, the boys are chilling out on the sofa watching cartoons.

And whilst I'm at it, I might as well upload the pre-storm photos of when the pumpkin plants were still standing and we were cruising around the hillside, having our almost daily afternoon walk.

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