Naming rights

Recently I got to meet a person named Denali. "Denali? As in, that mountain in Alaska?" I asked and smiled excitedly.

(You may know this mountain by the name of Mount McKinley instead, it is the highest mountain in North America, but its inuit name is actually Denali which is what it's known as in Alaska.)

"Yes," Denali said, "Yes it is."

At which point I got to explain how my son, The Kid, is also named after a mountain in Alaska.

You see, there was never an argument over how to name The Kid. I'd said to The Man back when we'd just met that I'd known for years already what my first child - if I ever had one - was going to be named, regardless of gender, so it was never going to be up for a discussion. It was sort of, how to put it politely... suck it up, sweetheart kind of a situation =)

And that's how The Kid's name has come to be.

With The Girlie now, it is The Man's decision what her name is going to be. He's chosen one already.

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