Just some images

Our little friend has worked out how most door latches work - and not just "worked out", but worked out well enough that he does - and undoes - them at great speeds. Oh well...

Sometimes I find him in The Dog's crate.

Sometimes he helps me "garden".

And when we walk up the hill now, he runs ahead and I follow.

He's growing up.


  1. Kristina31.3.14

    I just love the gardening picture :) Color scheme and the serious face of the working man. PS: what are these???

    1. It's called agapanthus, very common in new zealand, grows on roadsides and beaches and everywhere. We have it in the corner of our lawn, but because i don't know if its seeds are toxic or not then just in case i cut the flowerheads off so the kid can't decide toneat them. He was helping me carry the stuff to the compost bin.