Even more thoughts on weather

Man... I'm glad I took a photo of our lovely garden this weekend because it sure ain't lookin' like that any more!

I went and had a little look at it this morning, just to see how it's going and... geesh Louise! Sunflower's snapped, several pumpkins are snapped (and the ones that aren't have been blown around so they're all facing in the same direction now :P), tomatoes are standing at weird angles, not even sure yet if they're snapped, too, I guess we'll just wait and see. Even, for Pete's sake, chives are snapped off their stalks and there's, like, what, whole 20 cm of them poking up from the ground for wind to play with?


Meanwhile, The Man sent me a text from town today - he's making his way back home. Sounds like urban Christchurch is having lots of fun, too :P (And it makes me wish his company wasn't so bloody determined to get their employees on site and would just let people stay home and be reasonable.) (Would like to repeat that word that starts with "a$$h..." again, but I'm really pushing this swearing agenda here already...)

And if anything, I'm actually quite impressed there weren't more trees down at our place... The Man cleared one off our driveway this morning and the rest are just branches and bits, so the road's passable and all the cattle are down at the forest sheltering, so even they're not blocking the road today.

It's been really quite impressive, really. Now if it would just stop already, that'd be pretty cool, too!

PS. I could go and try to take a photo of what it's like, show you guys, but we're up in the cloud at the moment so it would just look like a bunch of green grass sticking out from the fog, so... yeah.

PPS. Have I done enough complaining yet? I'm getting pretty good at it! =D

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