Beds and parenting

About a month and a half ago we made the fateful decision of moving our two-year-old from his cot into a "big boy bed" and... well, talk about lessons in parenting =S

Long story short, we've come to such a state with this decision now, two months in, that I am driving to our local village tomorrow and buying a cot from a lady that is selling theirs - because the damned "big boy bed" just has to go. Seriously.

Bedtime has become like a hostage negotiation. Up, down, up, down, up, down... The times I've woken at night to either hear The Kid approaching our bedroom down the hallway or already standing next to our bed, going, "Ma?", at which point one of us dutifully gets his/her backside out of bed and drags The Kid back to bed...

I mean, Jesus, this is like arguing with a cat, for lack of a better comparison. Adults in this house are carrying dark circles under their eyes in the mornings, and The Kid has long, blissful afternoon naps, to then stock up on energy to do the bedtime "routine" again, and I'm looking at this and thinking, christ, I am not playing this game for the coming year - or however long it takes - not with the new arrival on its way. I haven't got enough Maria for that.

And so looking back, in hindsight, I would've just gone and bought the damned cot to begin with and left it at that, and would've saved myself hours worth of sleep.

And what The Kid will think of this, moving beds AGAIN, and getting used to a new setup AGAIN, well... I am sorry for that, kiddo, I really am.

But I, too, am just learning this whole parenting gig now, just as you're doing your best at being a toddler (I love you!), and hopefully with both of us getting some decent quality sleep from now on, it'll be a bit of a better road for a while.

Until you learn climbing out of your cot, anyway ;)


  1. Ian learned to climb out of his cot at 1 year old, with his sleeping bag still on. I found him in my sewing room playing with my pins.
    The next day we had a lock on the sewing room door and a bed for him and of course the continuous shuttling him to bed started. Unfortunately we had no choice, short of building him a jail cell!

  2. Maiken21.4.14

    I do not think it gets any easier. My daughter got into a "big girl bed" at 2,5 and with 3,5 fast approaching we are still doing the nightly shuffle. I actually went ahead and attached a baby gate to the door frame of her room. Difficult parenting decisions, but she seems to be getting older, taller, stronger and not an ounce smarter. :) Unless you consider smart-alecky being smart. :P