A tribute to Geoff Robinson (and where's Jim Mora going?)

I thought, "Nah, I won't tear up, it's not such a big deal after all."

Think again =). I did. Only a little though!

Geoff Robinson gave his last morning report on Radio New Zealand just now, after 35 years of hosting the show, and though I've been with him for the past three-four years only, I, too, have grown to like the man. A lot.

And it moves my heart to see that not only the public, but also Radio New Zealand itself celebrate the man in such a fashion. Geoff's a legend!

Now if I can only figure out where the hell Jim Mora is going! (He's hosting The Afternoons at the moment, and it's said that Simon Mercep's going to move to weekday afternoon slots instead, and I find it... surprisingly disturbing, since I absolutely love Jim.)

Oh, changes, changes, changes.

Just as long as they keep Kim Hill doing her Saturday interviews, my world won't fly off the orbit quite yet.


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