A pooping horse

Me and The Man just had a good laugh together as we read through Anna's latest airport adventures.

"Then in the window of a souvenir store I saw a women’s sleeping t-shirt with a pink horse and handcuffs on it and a tagline “Fifty Shades of Hay.” /.../

Inside, they had masterpieces like a pair of boxers with “horsepower” across the front. T-shirts with a slouching cowboy and a responsible-looking dog on a horse and a tagline “Designated Driver.” In the food dept., there were mint jelly and bourbon-flavored pancake mix."

The way Anna - who lives in Las Vegas - described what she saw in that Northern Kentucky airport reminded me of... Alaska. Alaska and Yukon Territory in Canada - Carcross, maybe, or Whitehorse, little outposts of urban humanity in wide open spaces of the north.

Because you know what? I've never been to Kentucky, but going from Anna's descriptions,  if you swapped out a pooping horse for a pooping grizzly bear, then it could've easily been an Alaskan airport somewhere!

And it also reminds me of a New Zealand legend David Henshaw who for years now has captured New Zealand (redneck) farming through his cartoons, like this for example:

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  1. Oh my God who knew they had rednecks in New Zealand! Glad you liked my little story - I guess I was pretty shocked after a nice nap on the plane and then landing on Mars )). One of these days you guys and we should go on a road trip somewhere. Would love to meet the Man and your babies!