Up and down

Getting used to it, I guess.

Friday was, oh-sh*ttedy-brick!
Saturday a little better.
Sunday even better.

But Monday was... oh, dump again.

(...aaaaaand Tuesday a little better again.)

I guess it's just going to move up and down in waves now, gradually, like spring does, until both my mind and my body are going to get used to this new reality of living a somewhat secluded existence up on this hill here.

And rather than be angry at this thought of, "Darn it, really? Epilepsy?" I am just going to move (I first wanted to write "ease", but that's definitely not it...) into this new life and see how it goes, and see whether it actually is that, and...

Yeah, I think that what'll happen: I'll just take it as it comes and go from there.

Meanwhile, first tomatoes are ready to pick!

Strawberries are doing an abundant harvest.

The Kid likes eating chives straight from the garden. And I'm staying at home today, cleaning, cooking, maybe an afternoon nap even, and though there will definitely be a few more moments - you know the kind, surely - life feels doable, and not just in a begrudging way.

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