Random musings on a Wednesday

I'm in a mood for sharing "I like this" moments.


Today, I sat in the car and Radio New Zealand were featuring a Queen album. "Don't stop me now" was playing. You know the song, don't you?

I rolled down all the windows, turned up the volume on the radio and let Bruce (Bruce is my car) roll down the hill to the tune of

I'm burnin' through the skies yeah 
Two hundred degrees 
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit 
I'm traveling at the speed of light 
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you 
Don't stop me now

It was awesome.

It was one of those moments I am going to remember for years.


I like that almost every single item in our home is a story of DIY adventures - pieces strung together from bits and offcuts, items picked up from "Free to a good home" piles, things made with love, effort and a bit of stubbornness.

It reminds me every day - almost all day - that it is a young family started from two people that came together in a foreign country and have built it from scratch. There is so little here that we've brought with us from our "previous lives" in Europe... A savings account (which is where we put money that will one day go towards our own home) was started from nothing, put together from little "backpackery" jobs and then a bit more permanent jobs, squeezed from times of single-income which so many young families are so, so, so familiar with...

...and as much as I sometimes look at it and think, f*ck, this would've been so much easier if we were older and had had more time behind us before embarking on this children-n-stuff thing, on so many other levels all these little items make me smile because they make me proud. They remind me of the simple, sustaining effort and of living life abundantly - with joy, and when joy gets quiet, of making an effort to keep finding personal fulfilment in whatever form fulfilment comes.

A garden which I finally have, after wishing for so many years!

Pumpkins and potatoes that self-sprouted from our last year's compost heap - we've put them in rich soil and just sort of left them to it. There's way too many of them there, but hey...

Our first ever tomato crop.

Strawberries which I pick from our garden and give to The Kid. He loves them - I do, too - and it makes me smile.

A firepit and picnic benches which have seen lamb roasted on the open fire, men standing around with beer bottles, clothes smelling of smoke and a soul full of... simple pleasure. (The benches - as usual - The Man made himself, from scavenged wood and scraps, with a bit of an effort and a smile. And they're awesome!)

A chair in our kitchen, picked up from a dump - there were only pieces of frame there, so The Man put it together, added a piece of MDF for a seat and covered it with foam and fabric.

A $4 couch from TradeMe... A wooden unit, also, from TradeMe.

My dresser, which lay unwanted in my first rental's garage, so technically it is the first piece of furniture I have from New Zealand - and which I then painted, The Man made it handles that work, and the lamp I covered in old towels and painted green.

The color some people will probably look at and think, geesh, what a green!, but I really don't care. I like it.

A chest me and The Man built back when we were in that little bedroom in a flat in Wanaka - made from scavenged (unwanted) bits of MDF (as usual), topped with curtain fabric from the op-shop (as usual)...

A pile of stuff on my working table, bits that remind me of things and of people, half-finished sewing projects...

The cot The Man built...

...and the moments I remember from him building it.

The hazelnut plant, called Hazel, The Man drags around and says that will one day grow in our garden.

My books on the shelf...

...and National Geographics above them (which do, actually, get read! A lot.)

The cloth nappies, two and a half years in.

A simple existence not far removed from what my grandparents were like. Sure, the times are different, the abundance of food we have is incomparable and so much of what we have was unheard of in their days - but I also look at my life and I know that me and The Man would've been fine even at a time when my grandparents lived.

It's a self-reliant make-do attitude. Something that comes naturally to youngsters who move abroad alone? Maybe.


I like the people who I keep remembering each day and the different ways in which they have taught me and impressed me.

The little things, in many ways. Stubbornness to do their thing.


The older I get, the less I care about being liked. I'm just... getting less and less fussed with it.



And the last thing, for today, this at once wonderful and also scary feeling of knowing that I will die one day, as so many people I have known already have, and so many will do in the future.

I think this is where part of this stubbornness comes from - from understanding that in the end, there is no extra time given, no do-overs, and what I have is now, so whatever it is that I want doing, it is better done when I feel it needs doing.

So now, I am going to go and warm up a bowl of chili con carne in the microwave and I am going to have it with chips and sour cream. A healthy meal? Who cares! It wants eating =)

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  1. Don't stop me now is my all-time-favourite good-mood-song. It's just so veryvery optimistic and upbeat that I can't help but smile everytime I hear it. :-D