On not giving up

Believe it or not, but I came across this video after I had gone from sad and weepy to stubborn and "I'll make it work"-feeling - not before. (If anything, this video came to me at a time where it reflected my mood, rather than induced it, and there was something symbolic about the way I was drinking it in whilst laying in bed, ready to go to sleep.)

I have a feeling that getting pissed off with The Man's company has been a blessing in this whole deal because since doing so I haven't even had an inkling of weepiness - only stubbornness and feeling of screw-you-guys-I-have-a-life-to-live-here sort of stuff; the sort of stuff where upon The Man asking me how I am feeling, I've replied, pretty good, actually.

It's the sort of stuff that happens when you piss off a stubborn person, or when you try and stop them from doing something, because all it achieves is that they go and do it anyway.

But, sorry, I am getting carried away here - the video!

The woman in this video is great and she is also laugh-out-loud funny. Several laugh-out-louds funny!


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