On the importance of a community

I had a bit of a... moment today. Not, like, a meltdown moment, but a hmm, that's interesting moment; a moment where I thought that something made sense, and although it wasn't an entirely new thing for me to think, it sort of made me go... hmm.

I came across a person who was telling me about the community of people around me and how I should ask them when there is something they can help me with.

And I totally get that. There is a community around me!

But the thing where it gets interesting is that this community never talks of themselves as "community" - they just are a community. They are people who help me, often in ways they are not aware of themselves, and their kindness and love wafts towards me in ways they do things.

Basically, they're just... nice people; people I like and whose company I enjoy a great deal.

Whereas when I was listening to this person talk today - this person who was talking in big sentences about the importance of a community - all I could think of was, "Little things you do don't match the big things you talk about."

Because, look: it's no use talking about the importance of support and help and kindness when the little things that happen in between all the big stuff are... off.

It's, like... You can't dump sewerage down a hill into a neighbor's property and expect people to take you seriously when you talk about the importance of consideration and neighborly love. The words won't matter if the actions behind those words are scrap.

And so I looked at this person and couldn't help to... smirk a bit, because yes, this person is right: there is a community around me and I feel its warmth.

But as much as this person talks about the community, he/she isn't part of it. Just isn't! And as long as this person doesn't change what they do to people, they won't be, either. Not in my books, anyway.

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  1. It comes under "treat others as you'd like to be treated" IMO. Dumping sewerage onto your neighbours property isn't a good way to do that! Glad you do have a good community up there, even if that person is not contributing in a positive way.