A mechanic who REALLY knows Subarus

Stu hasn't asked me to write this, but I just want to shout it out nevertheless because... well, because Stu is awesome!

Stu is a mechanic who fixed Bruce for me - and Bruce in my Subaru. He runs a workshop called Stubaru in Christchurch's Sydenham suburb, at 47 Hawdon Street, and he's totally worth working with.

Long story short, about a year ago my car started playing up - it wouldn't want to start on me if it had been stopped for a few minutes only, so basically every time I stopped to get some groceries, or visited a post office or did other daily family things, I'd come back to my car and it would be... ahem! I had to keep leaving her for 20-30 minutes for her to cool down again and start on me.

I went to several mechanics with this and trawled the internet in search of a solution, all in vain. My usual mechanic checked everything he could think of, said he couldn't find the problem and charged me over $100 for the privilege. He then suggested another mechanic in town, and I visited that guy several times also. That mechanic, too, was at a loss at what the problem was and he, too, charged me for the privilege of it. I, meanwhile, started considering selling Bruce, which - may I tell you - was not a small feat! Because I love her.

And, anyway, then someone suggested I try the Stubaru guy...

Wow. Wow!

I was only halfway into my sentence explaining to him over the phone what the problem was and Stu was, like, "Ah, yeah, I know what the problem is! Come drop her off, we'll get her fixed."

And he did! He knew exactly what was wrong, took less than an hour to get her fixed whilst I walked around the area with my toddler and just... wow.

He races Subarus. He drives Subarus. He fixes Subarus. Basically, he ONLY does Subarus! And he REALLY knows his Subarus.

He even does this thing where you can buy a Subaru through him, so he'll check her up and make her into prime shape and only sell her to you if he's happy with it. And seeing what he's done, I would totally trust this guy to sell me a car.

Sure, he's not the cheapest mechanic out there, but f*ck, if I add up how much time and money I spent following up Bruce's problem with the other mechanics, only for Stu to then know exactly what needed doing in about 20 seconds - it would've been WAY cheaper to go to him directly.

And seeing people buy cars only to face major mechanical repairs in a year or so because they haven't been aware of what has been "due" to break down, I would totally go to Stu if I were buying a car. I probably won't be buying another one for a good few more years because I am happy with mine and she goes well, but IF I did, I would totally go to Stu, and I suggest you do, too.

He knows what he's doing.

Oh, and if you go to his workshop and he's not there, he's probably spending time with his little daughter, so give him a call ahead of time.

Stu from Stubaru.

PS. And in case you're wondering: for as much sh*t as people say about Subarus, if you happen to get a decent one, they're awesome! Mine has four-wheel drive (so I can go up skifield roads), a towbar (so I can put a bike rack with three bikes on it), enough space inside that me and The Man can comfortably sleep in it (if we put the back seat down), roof rack I can attach things onto, space inside to travel with a husband, a toddler, a dog, a stroller and all the family-life paraphernalia, and being of 2.0 litre variety she's not as crazy on petrol as four-wheel drive trucks usually are. (No wonder it's probably the most popular car in Queenstown Lakes region!)

A versatile workhorse - my Bruce is. And I totally love her!

Me the day I bought Bruce, my first real car


  1. Kristina14.2.14

    Same emotion here, we have a bmw and there's a guy named Priit on Sõle street, Tallinn and he can fix any German car practically through the phone :D and there's more - an audi fanclub is hanging out on saturdays so I can send my man and 2,5-year old there for a few hour's for both sides to relax :p

  2. Stu is a great guy! No wonder you’re so proud of him. I agree with you. I think it’s more important to find a mechanic that you can really trust than one who charges less. Eventually, as you develop a good relationship with your mechanic, the savings will follow. :)

    Cayla Maggio