Not much happening

I could write these long, meaningful posts, right, but the fact is that I am just totally, utterly... knackered.

Emotionally I am in a good space and a lot about this pregnancy has been clearing away (emotional) clutter I had somehow accumulated from my previous pregnancy (and a subsequent delivery), but physically speaking I am just... yeah.

I just don't want to write. Really. I am not depressed, I am not hiding anything, I'm just not... bothered. I want to sleep and rest and sit and lay down and just do very little, and let my tailbone heal, and my pelvis relax, and my tummy to hurt less.

I want to be quiet, and I want to just let myself be.

So, basically, not much happening. And I need new pants I can actually fit into - pants my tummy can comfortably fit into. 23 weeks. I'm getting pretty big...

1 comment:

  1. Maria...!! Wow, congratulations you're pregnant again! I have my thougths with you, hope everything will go a little less stressfull then the other. Will keep it short.. so you can keep on chilling. big hug! x